Monday, October 31, 2011

Rainy Days

Rainy Days are very good pajama days. It's a very good time to be lazy or lounge and read a good book. But, instead I decided to sew. So, (haha) I pulled out the fabric bucket that I stored the quilt fabric in for the quilt I am going to make. Or should I now say making as I have started sewing it together. All the strips are sewn together and half of them have been pressed. Tomorrow, I plan on finish pressing the strips. Then on to the planning and cutting of the strips in to squares. I wish I were a very witty person with loads of things to say, but it is past my bed time and I am not very witty. Good Night for now. I will try to post pictures of what I have accomplished tomorrow. This is the only way my lovely DD knows that I am doing what I tell her is being done. Besides that; she gets to follow along and watch as her quilt is being made.
Strips measured, cut and labled
Strips sewn together in pairs ready to be cut into squares

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