Thursday, December 8, 2011

I love Hexagon quilts

A couple of years ago I decided to make one. I spend a lot of time waiting in doctor offices, ER's and hospitals. So I needed something to do with my hands when I don't feel like crocheting or knitting.  

So, I love hexies. I got the idea from a vintage quilt we have that one of Steve's aunt's made. It's called the "Grandmother's Flower Garden". Her hexies are really tiny, about the size of a quarter.  I decided to do a little research on the idea and found that there are hundreds of sites about stitching hexagons into quilts. I have found that I enjoy basting them to the paper piece and hand sewing them to each other. My hexies are 1in. on the side that makes them almost 2in. across. This size maybe I can finish it before I die and it wont sit in a closet left for my children to throw away. Although I am not sure yet how big I want to make it. A king size quilt of this nature seams much to big and stressful for all the hand stitching. Then there's the quilting of it once it's done. 

Here is a picture of how I my hexi fabric cut sewn and organized for carrying with me on short and long trips.

The two pictures below are of what I have done and put together so far. It is laid out on the foot of my king size bed. I am considering making it big enough to sit on the top of my queen size bed that is in my sewing room. As you can see, it is very brightly colored.

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