Sunday, September 16, 2012

Rows As You Go

  Last two weeks ago I purchased the book" Crazy short cut quilts" from Amazon. Much to my amazement It was two books in one and not in a good way. The first half was about the reincarnation of dogs and the second half was about quilts. I did send it back and got full credit for my sale. This still leaves me in a bind.

I have sewn my 40 squares into 8 strips. The first two rows went together really easy and well. Even though the blocks didnt match up exactly on point which is ok by me as this is a trial by error quilt. Yesterday I put on the third row. The first blocks meet pretty good. It's the rest of the row that is way out of whack. I will take it off today and see if I can get it to match a little better.

What I think is happening is the bottom of the square is the weft weave and is stretching and the strips I cut are on the straight of the grain and are not stretching which leaves the sewn edge with a wavy border to try and work in to a nice straight and unpuckered seam.  What I find is really strange are the blocks on the back meet up pretty well. It's the top blocks, the not so square ones are the ones that are being bad.
Now is when I wish that book hadnt been all screwed up. I will probably reorder it in a couple of days. Unfortunately I am unable to find it at my local library.

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