Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Accessories For Sewing

While out shopping the other day I went to one of the local thrift stores that I enjoy rummaging through. I am usually looking for fabric or an old used sewing machine that I just can't do without. I just happen to find a few little sewing items. The lady said they had just put them out the day before. The best find in this picture is in the up left corner of the picture. It is a Creative Feet Satinedge foot worth about 24.95.   I can  hardly wait to find something to sew to be able to try it out. The little blue thing in the lower right hand corner is a very old needle threader. Needless to say the first time I used it the little wire broke. But that's ok because all three of the clover chalks are in good and unbroken condition. I think there might be a holder for the chalk, but just little bit of painters tape helps keep the chalk off the fingers for now.

all this for 2.75

Since we are talking accessories I just have to show off my two tackle boxes that I got from Wal Mart about ten years ago. When I bought my Viking I found out that it had "feet".  All kinds of feet. At last count I have about 25 different feet for my machine and Yes, I have used just about everyone of them on some kind of project or another. There are still one or two I would like to have but for now I am happy using the ones I have.
This is how I keep up with feet and needles for my Viking #1+

This where I keep the feet that are too big to fit in the small  box

This side is very useful for needles
I really have trouble trying to figure out how to arrange pictures and words while doing a post. As you can see I have a variety of different needles ranging from twin needles to wing needles.  

The pictures below are of the box that holds most of my sewing feet. I keep it right in front of me on a shelf within arms reach so I am able to change the feet quickly with whatever project I am working on.
The little slots in this box are a perfect fit for most of the
feet that I have.
 I have tried to place the pictures side by side but they just won't do it.  I am still finding my way around blog land.

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