Monday, October 1, 2012

Motivation or Lack Thereof

Today I took a few minutes to read the post of FB friend. I realized it sounded a lot like me that she was describing.  I understood what she meant about makeup not being a top priority as long as you are dressed nice and your hair looks good. She was talking about not like what she saw in the mirror. Her weight. Growing up I never had a problem with weight. I guess I was one of the lucky ones. Unfortunately that makes it even harder for me now to try and lose weight. I have a couple of medical problems that interfere with my desire to try. I have fibromyalgia and clinical depression. Recently my doctor told me he is going to test me for diabetes the next time I come to see him. So now my health is in trouble, seriously. I haven’t even told my husband, because he is the type that tries to monitor what I eat and don’t eat, if I exercise or don’t. I just don’t want him nagging at me because it won’t help. I have to decide to do this on my own.
 What do you do when you think that trying to lose weight is a lost cause? I am now 57, very overweight and take medications that don't help when one tries to lose weight.  I don’t even wear shorts anymore except at home. I wear capris, they cover me down past my knees.
Me at the Cobb County Fair Nov.'11
with the grandkids
What I need is motivation and I don’t have any. I’m not even sure how to get motivated anymore. Suggestions anyone? I live in a 55 & up community. At our local clubhouse there are numerous activities that go on where one can attend, like walk aerobics classes, three days a week and swim exercises 5 or 6 days a week. I just can’t get motivated to be up before 9:00 when the classes start. Now that’s disgusting. At less that ¼ mile and I could walk or even ride my bike, I lack to motivation or desire to go.

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