Sunday, December 16, 2012

The Holiday Season

It's been almost a month since I have written anything or posted pictures of my projects. This is the time of year that my depression really kicks in worse than any other time of the year. This year I have tried to do everything in my power to not go into such a deep depression as in years past. I have been trying to keep busy doing something, anything.

 I made Christmas ornaments this year.
These photos don't do them any justice. They really turned out a lot cuter. I use toilet paper tubes to hold the ornaments after I paint them and I use soda bottle caps to hold the flat painted items off the surface of the table. Here is the link for the cute little Santa stars only I used wood cutouts instead of the heavy plaster ones. Star Santa Ornament and the Snowman ornament Textured Glass Snowman Ornaments . I also made some cute little glitter and mod podge bluebirds from some little wood cut outs I bought last year.

I also made some presents for my grand children. I found these cute I spy bags online and decided to make 4 of them. Unfortunately I forgot to take pictures of them. They really did turn out cute. This is the link where I found the original idea HomeSpunThreads: Eye Spy Bag Tutorial (a year in the making)

Here are the cute alphabet letters I made for the girls. I also made a small bag to put the letters in. I saw these on Etsy ranging in price from $25 to $40. Just type in "fabric alphabet." If you're not to sure you can do them yourself.  I found they were pretty easy to make. I used my word perfect program to find the type of alphabet I wanted and enlarged them to the size I thought they should be. I used fat quarters that I had on hand and ironed on fleece between the layers before sewing and cutting out. I also used a fat quarter to make the bag.

I got all my presents wrapped and mailed out yesterday. At least this year I got everything sent out to their appointed destinations in time for Christmas.

I realize it's probably early, but I am already starting to look for new Christmas ornament ideas for next year. Thank goodness for Pintrest, a place I can locate all the ideas I find and can located them in one place.


  1. Hi Deborah....thanks for leaving your blog url on my Winter White Friendship Block Exchange post. I'm not sure what you meant by adding the little 'blue thingy' unless it is the Button/Tag for the Block Swap which was made by the Hostess for the exchange. The participants in the exchange were to put the Tag on their blog when they signed up.

    The date for signing up has expired and the Block Swap is full with the finishing date being January 20th. I didn't see your name on the email that was sent out by the hostess, so I'm wondering if maybe you are interested in the Swap and just now finding out about it via my Blog and post which I always post to Google+.

    In the event that I've missed your name on the participants list, please let me know as I certainly want to be in contact with everyone that is participating in the Winter White Friendship Exchange.

    I'm so glad to meet another Quilter who knows about Georgia. I have done lots of Ancestry Research in the state of Georgia, Cobb County as I am a descendent of early pioneers from there. My great grandfather was a Confederate Civil War Veteran from Georgia.

    Thanks again for visiting CollectInTexas Gal. I look forward to hearing from you again.
    CollectInTexas Gal...Sue

  2. Came here by way of the Winter Block exchange. I am doing it too and was checking if anyone has posted on it yet. I need to get busy on mine. I also suffer from depression and this year it has been extra hard for me. Christmas Day was a difficult day for me this year. I still feel kind of fragile and ready to cry at the drop of a pin, but it is getting a little better.


    1. Hi Linnea, I too suffer from depression. I find it very hard to get out of bed some days. I haven't started my squares yet because I have been in bed sick with a cold and sinus infection for three days so far. I hope to start feeling better by Wed and can start on them then. I am really excited about this swap. I've never done a block swap before.

  3. Ah, the big D...I've had 7-8 months away from my blog and quilting, it was all getting too much. And seeing all these ladies churning out beautiful quilt after quilt and they have jobs and kids and blogs etc, i felt like a bit of a failure as I wasn't able to achieve that... but i'm back now, and taking it slowly! Your xmas ornaments look fab by the way :o)

    1. Try not to feel that way. I have just recently found that I am no longer able to multi-task as I used to. It's very discouraging. Pick one thing and work on it. When you get tired of it read a book. It's been working for me.