Monday, February 4, 2013

Rip, Rip, Sew, Rip

Rip, Rip, Sew, Rip. That's what I've been doing for days now. After deciding to remove the outside border of the "Buckaroo Stars" quilt and measuring it, I found that I needed to remove all the borders surrounding the main part of the quilt. I measured everything that I could possibly be measure so when I got ready to start adding the borders back on it would all match and be even.
Rhea's quilt in pieces. If she saw this she would probably call me nuts.
I did remember when I had originally made this quilt I had made it unusually long for a queen size quilt. I took off two rows of blocks. In doing so I ended up removing two of the stars. I had to remove two squares in different places to put the two stars back in the quilt.  My original goal when starting this quilt was to have fifty stars representing all 50 states in the quilt which meant I had to add about 30 more stars to the original pattern. While the quilt is in pieces, I noticed that I had accidentally put some of the same squares right next to each other. Something I hadn't notice before. I have taken the time to remove those pieces and replace them with other squares. It is slowly coming back together and looking like a quilt should.

While visiting another quilter's website  I saw the back of Lala's Lovely quilt back. It looked so neat and pretty I thought at first it was the front of the quilt.  I looked at mine and decided that I had better do some trimming of some threads and press it.  OK a lot of the threads. Not as good as hers but it does look better than it did.


  1. oh gosh don't compare to my backs. I usually never have enough backing fabric and end up piecing them together. There are lots of threads in mine, but if you don't have a white backing or much on the front they are hidden. some of my backs do look like fronts, I am usually using up every bit of fabric from the project. Good luck reconstructing this lovely quilt

  2. Thank you, I need all the luck I can get.HAHA

  3. So lovely! :)
    Greetings from Finland!
    Hugs, Ulla

    1. Thank you Ulla, I haven't been as active and posting to this site as I should be. I dont have the time to look at all of your site. Gotta go to work, but I will be checking it out. You do some really cool stuff.