Thursday, April 23, 2015

Kennie and Mr. Kenmore

What? More machines? You say?  Yes... I have quite a few more. It seems that I have started a small collection of sewing machines. Do I use them all? Well, currently I am not using them all. I am trying to rotate them through and use them after they have a good cleaning and oiling. 

Kennie, My first Love...I got him brand new in the middle 70's, either 75 or 76, I don't quite remember. It might have been our first Christmas together ( my first husband and me) The Kenmore, as I always called it is Model no. 158.19410  DOB 1975  freearm and heavy as the dickens. It still has it's original plastic case that was bought at the same time as the machine. It has feet galore. I would go to our little Sears store just to see what kind had come in. I bought every one that I could find and afford at that time, walking foot included. I made everything on this machine for many many years. Clothes for me, maternity wear. Clothes for my children. Toys, curtains, a bridal gown, baby blankets, any thing I could think of. He has been passed around to be used by different members of my family, but he always comes back to me. He was my first and I'll never ever let him go. He still sews as well as the first day I brought him home.

Mr. Kenmore, now this is a machine. See the pictures below. Sear Best Kenmore it's called, Model no. 158.19142  and DOB 1976/77.  He is also a freearm. I never knew this machine existed until one day I was looking through Craigs List. $45.00 was all the lady wanted. It had belonged to her mother. I had to drive to Pinellas Park to pick him up. I missed the exit and got lost . I ended up in St. Petersburg. lol I finally found my way to lady's house I brought Mr Kenmore to his new home. There were three large boxes of accessories and attachments that came with the machine. It looked like most of the accessories had never been out of the box, much less been used. He does need a little bit of TLC. I cleaned him up and he sits on top of the Kenmore cabinet with a Singer in it. Unfortunately he won't be able to sit in the Kenmore cabinet. Here is Mr. Kenmore, he takes cams and does monograms. Isn't that cool? I have really got to take the time to get him up and running. So he can be put into the rotation to be used. 


Just look at all those built in stitches, plus cams, monograms and buttonholes. This is one awesome 70's machine.

Look at those accessories and feet. I am in love with all of them.
Oh and by the way there are a few more machines to come. ;)

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Treadle Quilters Quilt-A-Long

I have joined a group on Facebook called "Treadle Quilters" They are doing a mystery BOM. One has to make the blocks on a treadle or a handcrank machine. I have both, but I chose to use this machine as I am using Civil War Reproduction fabrics. I plan on this to be a quilt for my son and his wife.  They are into doing Civil War Re-enactments. This is January's block. I made two so that the quilt will be big enough to fit their bed. This will be more a scrappy style quilt using many different fabrics. It will also be a type of sampler quilt too as each month the blocks will be different.

For now I am piecing this quilt on my "New Domestic Treadle". I bought it last spring while visiting my sister in Darien, GA and brought it home with me. It took me all summer and fall to get her cleaned and up and running. She has a beautiful stitch.

This is what she looked like when I purchased her.

 Here she is in my sewing room plus two extra drawers that I found on eBay. Isn't she just  as lovely as she can be?  She has been given the name "Dominique"


Wednesday, April 15, 2015

My Beautiful Singers

It's time for me to start blogging again.  So sorry, I know I haven't been here writing in quite some time. I guess you could say that I have been lost in lala land for a while. I have Fibromyalgia and sometimes I get what is known as fibro fog. It really is a pain as it keeps your brain in a fog to the point that it makes it difficult to think or concentrate on any one thing for very long, plus it makes remembering things a real pain too.
I thought I would share a few of the machines that I have acquired over the past two years. 
I will start with the Singers.This a beautiful 1927 99K hand crank  that I got from a friend. It has a lot of history behind it, meaning the lady that previously owned this wonderful machine used it for 20+ years during Civil War Re-enacting. After cleaning her up really well and redoing the case she is just beautiful and stitches really well. Those are ruffles I made using the ruffler foot that came with her. I have named her Robin.

This is my baby. Yes she's a  1949 Feather Weight 221-1 something I have wanted for 30 years and never had the opportunity to purchase. Onyx came to live at my house two years ago. I really didn't have to do much to her, just give her a good polish. I did however refurbish her case that came with her.

This my dear friends is LaLa a 1926 128 LaVencedora a 3/4 machine. When I got her she was in terrible shape and her motor no longer ran. 
I cleaned her up and put a hand crank on for a little while.

Here she is all shined up and pretty.

I am so proud of her now. Isn't she a beauty to behold?  Plus she sews a beautiful stitch too.

This is Granny a 66 Godzilla / Crinkle finish born in 1952. I used to think she belonged to my grandmother, but she did not. I currently don't have her set up to be used. Maybe this summer or next I will get to working on her and cleaning her up so she can join the herd.