Wednesday, July 8, 2015


I have a new vintage machine that I found on CL a few months ago. Her date of birth is Jan 20, 1926. She was really dirty and in a really ugly carrying case. I have since cleaned her up and changed her motor out. I took the motor and foot pedal from Granny the 66 and put it on the Tiffany. I took the 66 out of the Sears cabinet and put in the Tiffany 15-30. This is the before picture. 

Here she is after being all cleaned. Wow! There was tons of nicotine and crud on her. Her decals are beautiful and multi-colored not just gold. I used to want a 66 Red-Eye, but I think this machine is so much prettier. The motor I changed out is super quiet too.  I had to chip out a small area for the slide plate to slide away to access the bobbin area. Since this picture I have stained the area to match better. Some day I hope to find the perfect treadle table for Tiffany that will do her justice.

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